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Best Trees For Spring

There are a wide variety of trees to plant for spring beauty. Flowering trees are a family favorite because they have large blooms and a very aromatic fragrance. The top choices are the magnolia trees, flowering dogwood trees, and weeping cherry. All are relatively easy to grow and are lovely to look at.


Shade trees are another favorite of many home owner’s, especially those who live in hot areas in the summer months. Planting shade trees reduces cooling costs and makes your home cooler. Trees with lots of leaves also provide fresh, clean air to enjoy year-round. They also prohibit strong, forceful winds from causing damage to homes and nearby buildings during storms and the windy season.

Image result for oak trees    Image result for oak trees

Another favorite is evergreen trees. White pine trees make excellent ground-to-top privacy fences. They have a growth pattern where their branches will grow from the top of the tree to the bottom if left untrimmed. Unlike other species of pine trees, white pine is well accepted for its complete coverage of privacy growth. Canadian hemlock trees also is a good choice for top to bottom branch coverage. They not only provide years of security in being a year-round evergreen and great for privacy, but they are thick as well as dense and can be trimmed back to make box-type hedges and shrub fencing.


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