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Best Shade Trees From Tn Nursery

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Feb 23, 2014

Trees That Work Well as Shade Trees

Every home needs the perfect shade tree. These are majestic trees that will grow to be very tall and give lots of shade during those hot afternoons and evenings during the summer months. They are also wonderful to enjoy during the spring time.

October Glory Maple trees are great shade trees

There is a variety of trees that are perfect for creating that perfect shaded spot on the lawn. When planting a large tree for this purpose be sure to keep in mind that it needs space to grow and spread to produce excellent shade. One of the trees that is good for this is the Maple tree. These trees can grow to 50 feet tall. They are good because they will adapt to many different soils.

For homeowners that want a tree that will grow a little larger the Oak tree is a great choice. These trees can grow to reach great heights of around 80 feet when fully grown. These will make great shade trees because they will have a large canopy once grown. They are also good and will adapt very easily to different soils and will love full sunlight. Ash trees can also reach heights of around 70 feet and will look amazing. All of these trees will give a vibrant shade of green during the summer months and provide gorgeous color in the autumn months.

Sugar Maple trees have great shade and fall colors

There are lots of variety of maples, oaks and poplar trees that will look amazing when grown and will add a wonderful touch to a lawn or landscape. Online nurseries offer these good trees at very affordable prices. They will also supply all planting information needed to make sure they grow and become healthy shade trees that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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