Best Privacy Hedges:

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on May 22, 2014

Best Plants to Plant for Privacy

When privacy is of importance in a garden or yard, please consider the following options


Privet Hedge

A privet hedge can be planted to provide privacy and are aesthetically appealing for a garden setting. Privet hedges have an additional advantage because they grow quickly and form a dense coverage.

Burning Bushes

The burning bush is versatile, colorful and does not require particular care.
Burning bushes have an appealing natural shape, but they do require occasional pruning and trimming. Prior to appearance of new leaves, trimming should be done in early spring.

Hemlock Hedges

Hemlock Hedges are best planted where they are protected from winds and the extreme heat of summer. When hemlock hedges are well established, minimum care is required. A drip irrigation system is a convenient option for watering.

These three plants are excellent choices for the use of natural landscaping and for providing privacy in any manner you desire. Ferns also works well.