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​Best Plants For Butterflies

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Feb 09, 2015

Watching butterflies buzz around your garden or landscape area is something that every gardener and homeowner want. They make the area seem more alive and more beautiful all together. Here are some great plants that will bring these lovely creatures to your landscape. The Aster Flower plant is a top choice. It grows best in climate zones four through eight and will be about two or three feet tall. It will need soils that are rich and loamy in their compositions. This plant will also appreciate a full sunlight or partially shaded environment. It is known as a wildflower to most and can even be eaten. When they bloom in the spring and summer, they are quite lovely and may appear to only have one flower, but it is several smaller flowers grouped together. The butterflies will head your way with this one! Any phlox is also an excellent choice. Most varieties smell wonderful and grow best in climate zones three through eight. It will be anywhere from nine to twelve inches tall and about six inches wide. It will need soils that are moist, but well drained and can even grow in full or partially shaded areas. It will spruce up any areas where other plants and flowers cannot grow. They can be grown as a ground cover, or small shrub and butterflies love the pleasant scent they bring along with the spectacular blooms it will bring forth during the spring and summer months of the year. The Purple Coneflower is another excellent selection. They will grow best in climate zones three through nine and will be about one or two feet tall. It will bloom magnificent purple flowers during the summer months and needs soils that are moist but well drained in their compositions. They will also appreciate a full sunlight environment. They are hardy and easy to grow, and butterflies cannot get enough of them. Try one of these or the many others that will bring these flying beauties to your garden or landscape area and see how these visitors can instantly transform your garden.