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Pine Trees attract birds and butterflies

Red Cedar Trees

One of the most common trees that you can easily find in the eastern United States is the Eastern Red Cedar Tree. Planting evergreen trees is an environment-friendly task; you got oxygen, birds got home, society looks beautiful, and much more—the wood of this tree being used for uncountable purposes. The history of this tree is so long, and the surprising thing is, this tree is still one of the most loved in the region. Its name implies Cedar; the actual name of Junipers Virginiana shows this plant is actually in the Juniper family. The red in the name of this tree refers to the beautiful reddish wood. The reddish wood is worldwide famous because of several reasons.

Some best benefits of Cedar are as follows.

Will not wrap:

These trees do not warp because they lay flat and straight naturally. The weight of its wood is so light, and the wood is very stable. It is 80% stronger than the Oak. You might have cracked other woods, but the Cedar will resist every time.

Will, not rot:

In the cedar fibers, some oils work to resist rot or decay. That is natural in it, and that’s the reason for its popularity for furniture. This great furniture is the right choice to use around the hot tub, pool, or even humid climates.

Stays cool:

You can sit comfortably in it and do relax even on the warmest days. Cedar has inherent fungal and bacterial resistance, so your furniture will always look new.

Smells wonderful:

The smell of Cedar, for humans, is lovely, but for the insects, pests, and mots, this smell is not good; this is why they stay away from it. Due to this quality, it is being used for storage chests and in closets, etc.

Not chemically treated:

Many furniture manufacturing companies make outdoor furniture with chemical treatments. Although the chemical can help the table last longer, they should attach warning labels for the people who work with it. Arsenic, chromium, and copper are the primary ingredients used in it. Children can get harmed because of these chemicals as arsenic is absorbed through the skin and can be readily ingested from hand to mouth.

Will not sag, unlike plastic or resin outdoor furniture:

Cedar, moreover, is being used as an outdoor application also. Shingles, fences, and even tiny boats’ hulls are made out of it. Untreated cedar furniture left outdoor years a minimum of around eight years. If you are trying to cover it and treating it well, then the age could have been greater.

In conclusion, the Red Cedar trees are helpful, but we must protect our environment by planting evergreen trees. Fall is the best time to plant these trees, and these plants are available for sale as well. You can buy one for your home, so what are you waiting for?

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