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Bearded Iris

Posted by Dennis Sons on Dec 09, 2014

The Bearded Iris is an attractive flower that is used in many gardens and landscapes. It is easy to grow and maintain. They are also easy to plant and, as a bonus, will multiply. They have the smaller species makes for fantastic edging flowers. You can find this flower in a broad range of colors that include pinks, blues, yellows, reds and even purples. They will bloom during the early summer months of the year, and some will even have a second flowering towards the end of summer. They can grow to be anywhere from eight inches to four feet tall, depending on which you have obtained. These flowers also make for beautiful and fresh looking arrangements and bouquets. Once the blooms fall off the colors will remain lovely and beautiful.


 They will do best in full sunlight environments with well-drained soils and the flowers also have a nice fresh fragrance to them. Grow them one to two feet apart and loosen the soil before planting. Planting them about four inches deep should be sufficient and water generously after planting to help the flower become established in its new home. This plant can even grow in containers if you want. After planting, the care of this flower is simple and needs little on your part. Most recommend adding a fragile layer of compost each spring.

 When the flowers have begun to fade, cut them as well as a second blooming. Regular watering is also needed by this plant and making sure that the soil has good drainage to ensure this plant grows and develops properly. These plants are perfect for many things including borders, planting in groups or make it a showpiece all its own. This flower will fulfill and exceed all of your expectations.

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