Attracting Butterflies And Wildlife

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Mar 02, 2015

Bringing butterflies to your garden or landscape area is something that most gardeners and homeowners try to achieve. They bring a buzzing around in the garden that is breathtaking and will also bring even more color to the area. To bring them to the area, you will want to create a protected area and choose flowers that they love. One will need to have some water to drink as this is key for butterflies. Here are even more tips! Butterflies love shelter to feed and to also lay their eggs so the area safe a priority. One will need to have something to block the wind. They do not like lots of wind because it can harm their wings. Planting taller plants and flowers in the back can help with creating a windbreak and will make the sort of a wall that the butterflies will feel safer with around. Also, plant flowers with similar colors in groups together for more dramatic effect. Also having the shorter plants in the front will help you to be able to observe the butterflies more easily. Also having a small birdbath will help keep the butterflies cool, and their thirst quenched and will draw even more of them in as well as birds. You will also want to make sure that you plant flowers with lots of blooming plants and flowers with sweet nectar that will start blooming in the summer months of the year. With good reason and rhyme in the summer months; the butterflies will be the most active and will be looking for nectar producing plants and flowers. Also, you will want to shy away from using herbicides and pesticides as they will hurt these lovely creatures when they come and spend time in your garden or landscape area. Also placing smooth flat rocks around will also invite them to bask in the sun while you enjoy their company. Having these creatures in your garden area will transform and brighten the landscape as well as make you a happy gardener.

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