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Aquarium Moss Is A Great Option

Posted by Dennis Sons on Jul 14, 2014

Owning a fish aquarium takes work but all one needs to know is that all kinds of thing to make your fish happy. The important thing in that tank for them to get their nutrition from will be the moss. It needs no maintenance, and you are already taking care of your fish, the fish will eat off of the moss, and it will also give your tank a beautiful green color.

Many different species of moss can be found

Java Moss: This is the most used in all aquariums. There are a lot of reason, and there is no soil that one can provide where the moss will not live. It can grow in a lot of light or the small amount of light. or any in between. The only fertilizer that is needs is the waste of whatever you may have in your aquarium. It will live in a lot of different temperatures, If your fish are happy it will be fine, some fish will eat off of the moss. This moss is not as bushy as others but will grow.

Christmas Moss: This moss got its name for it leaves looking like a Christmas Tree, they are brighter green than Java moss. The Christmas Moss needs a little more light than Java Moss. but it will do great in less than two watts per gallon, making for a very nice effect when it grows on the driftwood.

Singapore Moss: Mosses grow in many different habits, colors and shapes, depending on the environmental conditions. The Singapore Moss has leaflets that are shaped like the Christmas Moss, but the leaves are not regular

The Moss Ball is a spongy soft circular form that grows in Japan and Northern Europe. They were once thought to be very slow growing, but recent studies think the rapid growing moss can be contributed to the fact of all the nutrients in the soil. Mosses can grow anywhere, and it is hard to remove once it starts growing.