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Ant Removal And Prevention

We have all been there. Ants! They are pretty problematic and a nuisance that no homeowner likes to have to deal with. While there are many methods to use and try out, everyone is different and different techniques will work. Please get rid of these pesky creatures and prevent them from coming back. Watch out for the advance scouts. You might notice one or two now and then, but this is a warning sign that more are coming. Ants send out scouts to test the waters and see an available food source in the area. Remove is to get rid of the scouts you see and make sure the area is clean and tidy.

Do not leave out dirty dishes and wipe down all the surfaces and cabinets in your kitchen. Many use vinegar to do this. Also, make sure that all left-out food is sealed tightly and all crumbs are swept up and disposed of. You will also want to prevent access to your kitchen or where the ants are coming in. You can caulk any holes around your baseboards to keep these critters out. If you do not have money for bug sprays, try soapy water. Remove any trace of the chemical trail they leave behind, and it is much cheaper! You can also put barriers up around the windows and doors in your home. These will keep ants from coming in. A few choices are powdered charcoal, cinnamon, baby powder, and cayenne pepper. You can also add the scent of peppermint to your kitchen and home because ants cannot stand this smell and will be deterred from entering the area. Remove the anthills around your home, put some used coffee grounds on top, and over time you will not see any more ants or hills in your yard or home. Try one of these methods if you have an ant problem!

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