American's Are More Focused On Being Healthy

American's Are More Focused On Being Healthy

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 25, 2017

Being healthy has become a major focus for most people in America. Some cities rank far worse on the overall health scenario than others. Take for instance Misson, Texas, this city has an obesity rate of 38 percent. Many experts correlate the low income to their epic obesity ratings. However, there are many cities around the US that are health conscious. If you want to be among those who live to be healthy, here are the sites you need to visit.

Washington, D.C.

The Nation’s Capital is by far the healthiest area in the country. It could be that people must do a great deal of walking, or that the healthy food options are vast. More than 81 percent of the people in D.C. have an exercise routine they adhere to. The city’s culture and politics are encouraging others to be mindful of what they put in their mouth. Yes, there are a lot of gym-going and veggie-eating residents in this area. The city puts a great deal of money into the green space upkeep too. The area is known for parks and recreation, and they spend around $400 per resident for upkeep. This is higher than most cities. Memphis only spends $50 per resident on their park systems.

San Jose, California

This southern city in California is known for having higher than average incomes. These people can afford organic produce, gym membership, and other adventures. However, having the money is only half the battle when it comes to food. The city is “walking friendly.” Many people, who live close to the downtown area, ride their bikes or walk to work. The city puts special emphasis on good sidewalks and having areas for their residents to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Also notated is the wide variety of food options. There are healthy smoothie shops, organic food markets, and numerous vegan markets garden establishments. Those who are trying to watch their figure can do so with ease, in this area.

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Seattle, WA

This area has it all going for it. It has the water, mountains, and forests. When the sun is shining in Seattle, people try to get out and enjoy Mother Nature. Keep in mind this is the “Rain City,” and it always seems to be raining in the north-west. Seattle puts a great deal of effort into a healthy food system for the residents. They believe that everyone deserves the option of indulging in healthy foods. They encourage their residents to grow and buy locally. The cost of living is 21 percent higher than the national average. Typically, the areas with obesity issues had low incomes and fewer options with food. Seattle’s program is important. Many areas find that a cheeseburger from a fast food joint is .99 cents, but they cannot touch a salad for under $7.00. This is a gigantic factor in choosing unhealthy foods over healthy ones.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is known for its amazing snow and plentiful slopes. Skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities of this nature, burn off a lot of calories. Overall psychological health is also used to determine the healthiest cities in the country. In Denver, there is 545 board certified doctors. The average in other cities across the states is 261. Their water and air purity are also among the top of the 50 states. Many people enjoy the fresh air in this region and the crystal-clear water. The cost of living is a bit higher here, but the unemployment rate is only 3.8 percent.

Austin, Texas

Though they came in last place on a national list, Austin is still within the top 10 healthiest cities around. They should feel privileged as most of Texas is in the unhealthy category. This area is known as the “Live Music Capital of The World.” A bustling nightlife, and plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy a concert, is just a few reasons why people in this area stay busy. There are more than 230 days of sunshine in this part of Texas. Sure, there are plenty of barbecue joints and chop houses, but Austin has made a commitment to diversity. They have all sorts of restaurants that can accommodate even the healthiest person. For inside entertainment, there are many top-notch museums. When the weather is beautiful outside, which it usually is, there is plenty of parks to explore. Being close enough to drive to the ocean doesn’t hurt either.

While some places are known for their greasy spoon restaurants and overweight citizens, the cities on this list are just the opposite. The government of these regions puts a great deal of time and effort into education, diversity, and making their cities great. If you’re tired of being tempted by the numerous fast foods in your town, why not move to a city where being healthy is part of their daily life.

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