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​6 Ways to Make a Garden Affordable

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 31, 1969

6 Ways to Make a Garden Affordable

Gardening is a fantastic way to keep yourself busy, feed your family, and help save on the grocery bill. As you probably already know, growing a garden is already a cheap hobby to start up, but it can get expensive fast if you buy the wrong supplies and garden plants. While many people don't mind spending the extra cash, many gardeners look for more ways to save money and keep the costs down. To help keep your budget in order, here are some tips to use:

Gardening Tips 101 - Save or Trade your Seeds

When you plant your garden, there's probably a good chance that you won't use all the seeds. Instead of throwing them away, place them in a sealed bag, and save them for next year. If you have friends that garden, offer to trade some seeds for some that you don't have. This is an excellent way for both of you to save money.

Divide the Plants

If your plants are overgrowing, it's a good idea to divide them off, and either plants them elsewhere or again, hand them off to friends. Allowing your plants to overgrow can cause damage to other plants around them. This can lead to bad plants which in turn can result in a loss of your precious investment.

Look at the Food you Eat.

Food such as tomatoes and pineapple have seeds that can be taken out and grown in your garden. Before you even eat some of the Food that you buy at your local grocery store or farmer's market, consider taking the seeds out first and planting them later. This is an excellent way to get Food and seeds at the same time!

Go Cheap with Containers

If you're gardening on a deck, you're probably using containers to plant your garden plants. Now, you probably already know that you need holes in the bottom of the container to allow it to drain correctly. What many people don't realize is that you can drill these holes in any container that you come across. So instead of just focusing on a container with holes, consider one that suits your needs. Drilling a hole in the bottom is a lot easier than you think, and it can save you a few extra dollars!

Shop Yard Sales

Many gardening tips 101 articles online claim that heading to a local garage or yard sale can often be flooded with many gardening tools. This can include your pots, tools and sometimes even plants. If you want to be frugal, skip on the new purchases and consider buying used! This is a fantastic way to save up to 80 percent.

Try to Time sales

Buying seeds are already cheap, but did you know that you can time sales and get seeds for next to nothing? When stores want to get rid of their seeds for the season, they will often put them on sale for next to nothing. This is your chance to come in and buy the seeds that you need for next year. Great times to check for seeds include late October and right after Memorial Day.

Saving with your garden isn't hard at all! By thinking frugal and following these tips mentioned above, there's no reason you can't save big!

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