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3 Types Of Oak Trees

They are simply beautiful and can withstand a lot of conditions without suffering. They are well known for durability in many climates. Here are some great choices if you are thinking about adding a tree to your landscape area. The Black Oak is a top consideration. This tree will grow best in climate zones three through eight and will be anywhere from seventy to eighty feet tall. It will thrive and do its best in almost any type of situation but can grow in almost any soil condition with ease. It will also produce acorns that your local wildlife will love to have as a snack. This tree will take a few years to produce the acorns, so be patient. It also makes an excellent shade tree and will become a staple in your landscape and long-lasting and beautiful. The Pin Oak Tree is also a great selection. This tree is best suited for climate zones three through nine and will be anywhere from sixty to seventy feet tall. It will grow best in a whole sunlight environment. This tree can also grow in a wide range of soil conditions but prefers moisture in its compositions. It will also produce some colorful foliage during the fall months that will be pretty spectacular to behold. The foliage will be glossy and green in appearance, providing interest for your landscape throughout the entire year. Chestnut oak trees are an easy alternative to oak trees. It grows best in climate zones seven through ten and will be anywhere from sixty to seventy feet tall. It can thrive well and grow well in areas with full sun and clay-like and moist in their compositions. Many wildlife creatures such as birds, deer, and squirrels thrive on the nutritional value of their nuts during the colder months of the year. It will have a large canopy spread and will make an excellent choice for a shade tree. These types of trees grow up to a foot per year. Try an oak tree in your landscape this year. With so many different types of oak trees on the market, the chestnut is the most popular because of its fast-growing abilities and pain for most homeowners because falling nuts can become a problem. Overall, this tree looks fantastic as it grows and blooms.

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