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Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26, 2016

At  Garden Delights Online Nursery, we guarantee you the best prices for affordable plants, trees, shrubs, perennials and woody perennials. We will not be undersold for quality. All our nursery stock is state certified and speciman quality.Visit us online at Garden Delights, Click Here For our Online Nursery.

We are a state of Tennessee certified nursery and we ship to all states. We have been active in the online nursery business over 19 years and 45 in the industry as a wholesale nursery grower.

Online Nursery

There are many benefits of buying from online nursery, including cheaper prices, a wider variety of plants, significant time savings and product guarantees. An online nursery will sell all of the same plants and products that are sold in a normal retail store, but at a significant discount. This is because they are often the original breeders of the plants that they sell. However, a local retail store must purchase seeds and bulk from suppliers and mark up the prices so that they can make a profit. By removing this step in an online nursery purchase, the savings are passed on to the consumer.

As a result of cost savings from an online nursery purchase, consumers will have more money available to buy additional amounts of seeds, plants, etc. Therefore, the consumer is essentially purchasing more products for the same price that they would pay for less at the local garden shop. This is an especially important benefit for those who plan to grow a large variety of plants.

In addition to cost savings with online purchases, there is a wider selection of plants and items from an online nursery. Whether it is seeds or flower bulbs, an online nursery will have everything that a consumer could find at a local store as well as more plants that are unique to the online nursery's own sources. Representatives of online nurseries are usually far more knowledgeable about plants and their care than retail store clerks, so consumers can learn valuable information about a product before making their purchase.

The benefits of buying from online nursery continue with the tremendous time savings associated with online browsing and purchases. There is no need to drive down to the local retail store to see if they might just have your item in stock. You can simply do an Internet search from the comfort of your own living room and browse the various items that are available through an online nursery.

A final benefit of buying from an online nursery is that they have a guarantee that they will replace a plant that does not spout for free. Online nurseries are experts at proper direct shipping as this is absolutely crucial to their business. They know exactly how to ship out a plant in a secure and time effective manner. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they will receive a satisfactory product for their money.