Benefits Of Planting Red Cedar Trees

Posted by Tammy Sons on Nov 07, 2015

Have you ever thought of planting a specific type of tree that creates benefits for your home? One of these distinct types of trees that are known for their towering size and interests is called the Red Cedar tree, which is considered to have a variety of advantages. Considered by many to be able to restore and defend natural areas, this tree shares many assets that help a forested area with such things as prevention of soil erosion and preservation of its surroundings. This type of tall evergreen tree also helps reduce pollution that can be harmful to all living individuals. The following are a few of the numerous ways in which this evergreen tree is a good choice for anyone looking to plant trees throughout their gardens and homes. 

The Red Cedar tree, or called by its scientific name the Juniperus virginiana, is thought to have many benefits that include such things as good home privacy and many uses for natural resources. With its dark green leafs and red-brown bark, it is considered an evergreen tree that is able to create a thick border around any possible area. With this characteristic, this tree can be used as a border tree in order to provide privacy to any terrain that is able to contain these beautiful trees. A few of these trees can create a hedge that is able to cover a big area of land and can also be used to cover a home for more privacy. Another benefit that the Juniperus virginiana has is the ability to prevent soil erosion and the capability to lower pollution around its surrounding areas. Soil can be ruined by excess of water and it can become extremely eroded. Planting this tree in an area with much flooding and water excess is a convenience to both the owner and the surrounding plants that may die from drowning. Also with its extensive height and many leaves, this tree is able to absorb much carbon dioxide from the area and in return releases clean oxygen into the surrounding area. These are a few of the many good uses that the Juniperus contains and provides for those who wish to have magnificent and valuable trees. 

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The Red Cedar trees make gorgeous scenery in any type of area, as this tree is tall in height and beautiful with its red bark. Throughout the year, this tree with its dark green leaves can be used as a border tree to give shade in the summers and protect the ground plants from the winter snow and heavy rains. With its many needle like leaves, this tree can be used as a hedge to cover an area for those who want to be retreated in concealment. This cedar tree is perfect for those who are looking for a marvelous shading tree that also has environmental friendly purposes. These have been some of the few diverse ways in which this tree is a benefit to those considering buying a peculiar tree for their homes. 

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