Blazing Star

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Blazing Star-Liatris species Hardy Planting Zones- 5-9 Sun or Shade – Full sun Mature Height - 12-48" Mature Width- 24" Bloom Season – late Summer (July-September) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Blazing Star - Liatris

The Blazing Star is known for its unique shaped flowers, which stands out aster family against grass-like foliage. Blazing Star belongs to the aster family and has feathery flower heads that are clustered on stems that are covered with green leaves. This plants flowers from top to bottom, which is unique and makes it ideal for flower arrangements. This plant has a blazing star that sends up vertical spires of magenta or white flowers, usually. The plant attracts beneficial, hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. This plant is also drought tolerant and deer resistant. You can start this plant from corms or transplants. Transplants are more likely to form flowers the very first year. To help spread, it's best to dig corms in the late fall, remove the bullets and store in a cool, dry place. Then you can replant about 1 to 2 inches in the spring. These bullets will form new plants that will flower in the same color as the plant you took the bullets form. This plant is quite hardy and doesn't need fertilizing or too much care. In fact, they do better when left to do their own thing. You should deadhead the flower stalks so that they will rebloom in the early fall. After any frost, it's a good idea to cut cat the foliage in the fall and use it for compost. The plant is very versatile and will do well next to a cottage garden with a variety of flowers such as baby's breath, daisies, and dianthus. The Plant makes a fabulous flower arrangement, so you will want to plant plenty so that you can enjoy it in your garden as well as in your home. Add Blazing Star to your homes garden today! Buy Blazing Star at Our Online Nursery.



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Blazing Star