Blackhaw Viburnum Live Stakes

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Blackhaw Viburnum Live Stakes also known as Viburnum Prunifolium

The Black-Haw Viburnum is a deciduous shrub like tree that can reach around 12-15', though some may reach upwards of 30' in height, and can get a spread of 6-12'. It has beautiful dark green, deciduous leaves that turn a deep purple and/or a rich burgundy red in the autumnal season. In the Spring season, the tree will bloom with clusters of white flowers, adding a pretty flair to your garden. After the flowers have come and gone, the tree then produces edible berries. The berries start of pinkish or rose in color, turning a much darker purple or black when they are ripe/mature. 

The Black-Haw Viburnum takes to hardy soil, and can survive Clay soil, drought, air pollution, and Black Walnut. However, it prefers moist, acidic, alkaline, loamy soil with good drainage. The tree also prefers at least six hours of direct sun light, as well as four hours of partial shade. 

The Black-Haw Viburnum has watering needs that range from dry to medium. 

The Black-Haw Viburnum has as a slow to medium growth rate, growing anywhere from less than 1' to 2' a year. 
The plant tends to have a more rounded outline. The fruit of the tree tends to attract many small animals, and the flowers will attract birds, bees, and butterflies. 
The berries can be made into various preserves, and the bark of the tree used to be used medicinally. 

The Black-Haw Viburnum is part of the Elder Berry Tree family.

This tree can be found growing in North America, especially in the Chicago, Illinois area. 
It is suggested that this plant be used as a hedge. It's heights of interest are in Spring and Autumn, when the flowers bloom in Spring and when the leaves turn color and berries grow in the Autumn.