Black Chokeberry Live Stakes

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Black Chokeberry Live Stakes also called aronia melanocarpa


Black Chokeberry Live Stakes are a part of the rose family in the shrub species. It is native to eastern North America, specifically Minnesota, but can be found anywhere ranging from Canada to southeastern United States. The shrub is characterized by dark, glossy leaves than turn to a rich red, orange and purple in the autumn. The plant is known to be very user-friendly and grows well in the sun and part-shade. Snowy white flower clusters appear at the end of spring and produce the black berries in September. The berries are considered to be foul-tasting by humans as they are too bitter to eat raw but are enjoyed by some wildlife. The name "chokeberry" is considered to be a reference to the taste of the raw berry.


Black Chokeberry Live Stakes is high in antioxidants and can be used in baking.

Black chokeberry is often sold as a health supplement in capsule or juice form due to its antioxidant properties. The shrub overall has decent hardiness and tolerance to many different soil textures, densities and moisture conditions. The black chokeberry shrub grows 3-8 feet tall and 2-6 feet wide and reaches maturity at 5 years old. Black chokeberry plants can become suckering plants when they have less competition and receive more care. Due to this, they are widely used in mass planting in cultivated landscapes for erosion control, wind-breaking and excessively wet soils.

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes is a very hardy shrub that will offer color to your yard or landscape. 

The black chokeberry shrub's durability allows it to be planted almost anywhere, most commonly in shrub borders, such as on the margins of ponds or streams or in small gardens or open woodland. The many phases of the black chokeberry is guaranteed to bring year-round benefits with its delicate white flowers, rich fall colors and beneficial berries that persist from summer till winter.