Black Cherry Live Stakes

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Black Cherry Live Stakes also known as Prunus Serotina 

This forest tree grows to a height of 50-80 feet (15-24 meters), with dark and shiny oblong leaves and dark brown cornflake-esque bark. 
This moderately long lived tree can be found alongside other sun loving species on the outskirts of forests and along roads. It begins producing seeds at 10 years, and continues to produce them for 100 years. 
The black cherry is commonly eaten by birds to spread the seeds around. They are also very good to eat, like the common cherry, they taste sweet, but with a more full-bodied taste. 

Black Cherry Live Stakes are aptly named for the deep red and black that the fruits turn when they are ripe.

Because of it's delicate white blooms, it was brought to North America in the 20th century as an ornamental tree, and has continued to flourish there, being easily grown in most soils. 
The tree lives to about the middle of it's 2nd century, so it is a good addition to the outskirts of any garden, and will last for several generations in moist, deep, and fertile soils. It will tolerate sandy or drier soils as well, and will thrive in either full sun or partial shade. It grows well in alkaline or acidic soil. 

Black Cherry Live Stakes are low maintenance and easy to grow. 

Fruits ripen from June to September depending on location. The seeds are easy to sow, whether strewn by hand, or by birds. It prefers a frost free growing season from 120-155 days. In the fall the leaves become yellow in color before they fall off, making way for the new leaves in spring. This tree is deciduous and aromatic, producing a distinct cherry smell with the leaves and bark. It grows conical when it is young, and crowded trees are more likely to be high and thin in shape. 
This low maintenance tree is perfect for forest-edge gardens and for adding a bit of pretty white flowers on the ground in early spring.