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Maple Trees - Acer

Maple trees and shrubs have been a landscapers favorite over the years, primarily for their fast growth and brilliant colored foliage in the fall. About 128 species make up the maple tree family with the sugar maple as a prime example that renders the healthy and delicious maple syrup. For landscaping, the smaller ornamental Japanese Maple is a favorite in zones 5-8 while the Norway Maple is favored in zones 4-7 for a shade tree growing as tall as 50 feet. Sugar maples thrive in zones 3-8 growing as tall as 120 feet with a 50-foot spread. The maple leaf is proudly displayed on the Canadian flag.

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Oak Trees - Quercus

With over 600 species of oak trees, this fast-growing tree can be found in all of the 50 states. It is a flowering tree that produces fruit known as acorns, food for animals such as squirrels and deer. This tree produces its protection against fungus and disease known as tannic acid. White oak and red oak are both common in the states with live oaks found near the coastal areas in the southeastern area. Oakwood has been a staple in the lumber industry with uses in construction and furniture making.

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Fast Growing Trees

Landscapers and homeowners often agree about the obvious benefits of planting trees that proliferate. One popular choice is the Hybrid Poplar that grows 5-8 feet a year until maturity. Great for shade, landscape border, and firewood. Another favorite is the beautiful Weeping Willow, growing 3-8 feet per year. It is great for boggy areas of the yard. If you want a fast-growing tree with spectacular fall color, two favorites are the Quaking Aspen and the River Birch. The stately Leyland Cypress is a popular choice if you are seeking a fast growing evergreen.

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