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There are many plants that people place in their garden. Whether for beauty or an aesthetic look, people want to see their garden thrive and do well. As such, they need to find suitable plants and flowers that will be able to withstand whatever comes. The plants that we are going to be covering on this list are the best selling plants and show you an impressive array of different plants that will work well for various gardens.

Each garden is different, and because of that, they have different needs. That is why we are providing different varieties. That way you can make the most knowledgeable decision about what will work for you and your garden.  


Perennials are a best selling plant


Perennials are known for being beautiful and full of color and fragrance. They will offer great foliage as well, and they offer a look that everyone wants to see and get close to. Perennials live for two years or longer, and you should know how they bloom before you decide to plant them. Most will thrive in the spring and then in the summer, but they will die in the winter and autumn. They will come back again in the spring in most cases.  


Easy to grow, these are a great beginner project for someone who hasn't been gardening for very long. An additional benefit is that some are very tolerant to dry climate and drought, making the perennials even more ideal. There are many different types of this plant, and each one has extraordinary and unique qualities to them. They are also a fan favorite among many gardeners and flower enthusiasts everywhere, and their ability to brighten any landscape is the extra cherry on top.  


Fern plants 


Ferns are another plant that sells amazingly well, and this is because they can grow inside and outside. Most like to plant these outside, and an outdoor fern plant is a great option for shady areas and woodlands. Fern plants will look their best if you water them regularly. Many ferns are tolerant of drought though others are not and need a moist location to survive, so this is something essential to think about. When planting them, another thing to bear in mind is that most fern plants need the partial sun or dappled sun, but they don't like deep shade.  


That is because they are woodland plants. In addition to this, most of these types of plants also prefer to be planted in compost-rich but loose soil with mulch on top. They do not need high levels of fertilizer that is synthetic. Instead, you should apply approximately a shovel full of compost near them once a year, and they should grow and thrive well.  Another essential thing to remember is that it would be inadvisable to prune your ferns in winter. Instead, wait until around March. That is what is to be considered late winter, and this will be better because if you wait, your plants have a winter covering. The shallow roots that the ferns have to make them sensitive to herbicides, so be very careful or your ferns will die.  


A popular thing to do for gardeners right now is to keep them inside as well. Many people have begun to do this to keep up with that trend. It is especially popular among younger crowds, such as millennials. Because of that, the trend has carried over to the other age groups as well. That has been able to connect those groups and let them enjoy gardening together as a group and family. If you are going to put your ferns in the house to see how this trend works for you, you should remember they like humidity, and you will need to mist them every day. If you are finding bugs that look mealy, then you can spray them with water as well.  




Shrubs are essential to a natural environment, and they provide shelter for birds and other animals. They also make a fabulous design element, and you can do so much with them whether you choose to plant many of them or just a few. Because of the fullness that the branches supply, you also have a more elegant and established look for your garden, especially during winter times. Shrubs provide beautiful and colorful blooms during spring and summer as well. In addition to this, they are fragrant, and many can produce berries.  


As far as design, the shrubs offer you a brighter landscape, and if you have different heights, they can offer unusual looking dimensions. The contorted branches that some have will also provide innovation and creativity to your garden as well. Another great reason to have shrubs in your garden? Most are low maintenance and extremely easy to grow. That makes it ideal for beginners. Fall is the best time for planting these, and that is because the air is more relaxed, and there is less intensity from the sun. What that means for your shrubs is that the roots will be established while the soil is still warm. That will help your plants grow much more efficiently. 


The plants on this list are known for being versatile, and for their ability to grow well. They have other benefits, however, as well. They can provide shelter for creatures to call home, they can produce many plants for you as the plants will multiply, and they can add beauty to your garden that can be unmatched. Because they all provide beautiful colors and fragrances as well, they offer you an excellent chance to make your garden thrive with a look that is both classic and elegant, or bold and brave. It all depends on your ideas and preferences. The great thing is that these plants are versatile enough to be able to adapt to wherever and however you like them.  


When using these plants to your benefit, remember that you can choose between different types and get creative. You can look for plants that are native to your specific region as they will be able to provide incredible benefits to your garden as well. 

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