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Viburnum Dentatum

The Viburnum Dentatum is one of the more appealing trees you will see. This tree has lots of natural beauty and will, therefore, be ideal for any landscaping. The tree has green leaves, white flowers, and blueberries. The white flowers grow during the spring season. With the blueberries, they begin blooming in the spring also and are present on the tree leaves when the weather is warm and mild. Its size is about 4 feet in height, so it is ideal for all yards and gardens. This tree can live for up to five decades and therefore last a very long time for generations. It can be planted in some environments and thus is one tree that will be a great addition to the vegetation of your yard or garden. A tree such as this one is quite easy to plant and can be put in various soils. However, it is best to plant this tree in the ground that is of good quality and reasonably moist. You will also want to make sure that this tree gets plenty of sunlight so that it can grow and develop with ease. As stated earlier, this tree is ideal for most environments including places such as your front yard. It will help make your home and yard stand out very nicely.


The Serviceberry is tree/shrub that is among the few trees that offer year-round appeal. Therefore this is an excellent addition to any landscape. This particular tree begins blooming in the spring when it has white flowers grow on it along with purple berries. The purple berries provide a great food source for birds during the summer. You can also use the berries to make pies, jams, and jellies as well. During most of the year, this tree has blue or green leaves, but they then turn red and orange during the fall months. This tree has lots of flexibility in that you can grow it as either a tree or a shrub. With this tree, it can grow from 6 to 25 feet tall and can live for many decades. The Serviceberry SCIENTIFIC NAME is Amelanchier. The Serviceberry grows best in USDA Climate Zone: Two to nine. Serviceberry Tree Height is Six to twenty-five feet. The Serviceberry tree/shrub is Adaptable to most soil conditions. Serviceberry is best in Partial sunlight. One of the best things about this tree is that it is drought tolerant. Therefore it won't’ need quite as much water as other trees do. It is also very easy to grow so you won’t need to worry about any complicated procedure to help it develop. Regarding the amount of sunlight needed, it is also shaded tolerant, so partial sunlight is adequate to help it live.