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Year after year, perennial plants will fill your garden with colors, textures, fragrances, and forms that delight the senses. These favorite perennials are beloved by both novice gardeners and veritable green thumbs.

Virginia Blue Bells

The pastel pink buds of these stunning flowers open up into blue blooms that add color to woodland gardens and areas with full or partial shade. Pollinators adore them, and their early spring blooms are a welcome treat after winter. A significant investment, Virginia bluebells grow in size each year and require little care to form a lovely colony.

Daylily Plants

Immensely popular for their toughness and dazzling, colorful blossoms, daylily plants are a carefree choice that thrives in nearly any type of light or soil. Disease and pests rarely bother them, and they bloom from midsummer until early fall, delivering fresh pops of color in a vast range of heights.

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Cardinal Flowers

Both gardeners and hummingbirds love Cardinal flowers with their vibrant red flower spikes. This native North American perennial thrives in moist soil and partial shade, blooming from midsummer into autumn.

Black-Eyed Susan

Also known as Rudbeckia, Black-Eyed Susan is prized for its brilliant, sunny color. When other perennials start to fade at summer’s end, these flowers delight with large masses of bright gold, orange or yellow color.

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Trillium Plants

This graceful perennial thrives in shady areas, forming a colony that delivers large white flowers every spring. Similar in shape to lilies, the flowers of Trillium plants give way to a pink tint over time and develop capsules with a berry-like appearance.

Blue Flag Iris

A natural beauty, Blue Flag Iris stalks can grow from two to three feet, delivering showy blooms in late spring. These hardy plants quickly grow and adapt well to home gardens, making them one of our most popular perennials year after year.

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