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Using moss in your garden or lawn can be an excellent addition for a variety of different reasons. They provide a formidable alternative to grass that can be sheared into a topiary design of your taste. Mosses are also easy to grow and require a minimal amount of water. But which most species should you choose? We will have four of the best mosses to include in your home and why they will make for a great addition.

Carpet Moss (Mnium hornum)

Given the name, Carpet Moss can quickly fill and cover an entire landscape. Just make sure that it has enough shade for optimal growing conditions. This moss species will provide you with a blanket of ground cover that does not require as much watering during the warmer seasons.

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Cushion Moss (Leucobrynum)

Cushion Moss, commonly referred to as White Moss, adds grey and grayish-white hues to your lawn. This moss tends to prefer sandy and acidic soil compared to more productive, darker soils. Keep in mind that without the proper amount of moisture, it will become a brown color.

Tree Moss (Climacium)

Tree Moss includes any of the plants in the genus Climacium. They have an appearance similar to that of small evergreen trees. Tree ss tends to be dark green, forming dense tufts that grow over the treelike portion of the small plants.

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Fern Moss (Thuidium)

Known for its versatility, Fern Moss will grow in nearly any garden. A great variety of gardeners use this species of moss to prevent soil erosion use it. Fern moss can give your patio or backyard a great touch of lushness by growing on the rocks, logs, and stumps surrounding the space.

When considering which species of moss to use for your home, it is essential to know the look and feel you want. Each of the moss species listed above provides different aesthetics to give you the garden or backyard you’ve been wanting.

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