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Blackberry - Rubus fruticosus

The Blackberry plant is easy to grow, producing an eatable berry for both humans and wildlife. The best locations in zones 5-10 placed in full sun. Plant in an acidic pH soil for the best harvest. The immature berries are red, then darkening into a blackish-purple ready to eat. Blackberry plants only produce greenery in the first year, producing fruit in the second. Pruning back after the fruit has been harvested allows for the new growth to thrive for the next year. Once established, the plants will provide fruit every year. The berries make excellent jellies, jams, and pastries.

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Raspberries - Rubus

Hardy in zones 2-8, the Raspberry plant will grow in most types of soil that is neutral to slightly acidic in pH. They love full sun and will produce berries the year after they are planted. Yearly pruning is essential to have an excellent annual berry yield. The raspberry is considered a perennial even though the canes have a two-year lifespan. New rods are produced each year, and the old ones need to be culled by cutting them back. Butterflies and birds are attracted to the spring flowers and summer fruit.

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Blueberries - Vaccinium

Look to plant the blueberry plant in the early spring. It likes full sun in any soil as long as it is acidic. In spring, it produces a white flower followed a purplish-blue berry in the early summer. The wild blueberry is a native plant that has been cultivated within the 20th century. This plant prefers moist soil with good drainage for the best yield, so mulching with peat moss or pine needles is a plus. Blueberries lend themselves well to growing in containers. These plants can be cultivated on patios and small urban spaces as long as they are kept moist.

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