Arrow Arum

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Arrow Arum (Peltandra virginica) Hardiness Zone: 5-9 Light Requirements: Full Sun to Shade Height: 1' to 2' - Spread: 24" Water Depth: Moist Soil

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Arrow Arum

Arrow Arum - Peltandra virginica. An aquatic perennial, also known as Tuckahoe, that is evergreen along the Gulf and Everglades but are deciduous in the northern parts of the United States. It grows three feet tall. The distinctively arrow-shaped leaves are attached to stalks; they can grow 18 inches long and 6 inches wide. The plant prefers light shade and partial sun in water containing an inch-deep muck of sandy mud with organic material in areas along ditches, rivers, ponds, and swamps. The plant blooms for 2-3 weeks from May to July and bears both male and female flowers separately on the same plant. The female flowers grow at the bottom of a spadix and the smaller males above.

The Arrow Arum plant is perfect for container gardens, water gardens or ponds with nutritional content that is capable of cleaning ponds.

It is named after its green arrow-shaped leaves and flowers that grow from the arum's axis. The leaves will grow 18 inches tall and six inches wide. Flowers are for the most part white and bloom from April to July. They form balls of seeds that attract beautiful pollinating insects to your garden. In the fall, these balls release those seeds into ponds which feed smaller animals, geese, and ducks. Seeds or partially grown plants can be planted in spring in damp to wet soil in up to 18 inches of water. Arrow Arum or Tuckahoe is a widely distributed wetland plant in the Eastern US and parts of Canada. It can also be found in central Florida along the Gulf Coast and in the Everglades. It is tolerant of low oxygen levels.

Arrow Arum would be a lovely addition to any landscape.

The leaves are quite variable in size but shaped like an arrowhead. It has green and yellow flowers. Larvae often feed on the rotting spadix on this plant.

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Arrow Arum