Wetland Plants

Wetland plants are great for giving color, texture and interest to the area around a pond, waterfall or a wet area in the garden. Here are a few:

Marsh Marigold.This cold hardy plant has dark green leaves and yellow flowers. It also has a white-flowered version. It grows to 9 inches high with a 12 inch spread. Though the flowers grow better in full sun, the plant can also do well in partial shade. It’s best to divide the plants in late summer. Bog Cotton This plant has long leaves and produces cottony white flowers in the summer, which gives it its name. Though they can’t be spun into cloth like regular cotton, they are sometimes use to stuff pillows or even to dress wounds. The plant grows to a foot tall and has an indefinite spread. It should be grown in a water depth of no more than 2 inches. Bog cotton does best in full sun in acidic soil. 

Bog Rush: This wetland plant has bright round stems with a white pith and clusters of small, brown flowers that bloom in the summer. The related corkscrew rush is grown for its interesting spiral stems. The plant grows to about 39 inches tall and has a 24 inch spread. It should be grown in acidic soil in full sun and can be divided in the spring.


Water Mint:This plant produces blue flowers during the late summer. The leaves have a lemon-scent, and like regular mint, it can be made into a tea. Water mint does well in full sun and in shade, and grows up to 6 inches

Sweet Flag: This plant has greenish white flowers borne amidst sword-shaped leaves. It can grow in both acidic and alkaline soils in full sun or partial shade. It grows from 6 inches to 8 feet tall, and has a 6 to 24 inch wide spread. It’s deer resistant and easy to maintain.