American Elm

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Facts About Where Elm Trees Are Grown

American Elm Tree is known as the Ulmus americana and can be termed as a white or water elm as well. It is seen in eastern North America, and in western Novia Scotia to Alberta and Montana, along with Florida and central Texas. It is a hardy tree and can live during harsh winter temperatures as low as negative 44 degrees Fahrenheit. The American Elm tree can live several hundred years and are also seen in Ontario, Canada along the Sauble River. Elm disease can strike some of these trees. Ulmus americana have a coarse wood texture that is durable and can be used for binding materials. It can be found along mountains, swamp grounds, rivers, floodplains, and in uplands in well-drained soils. There are notable elm trees within the United States known as Liberty and Treat Elm trees, and they are landmarks. These trees represent a lot in American history and share importance to the culture. Since they can live hundreds of years, these trees hold natural longevity and are lovely marvels of nature. It is a widespread tree found along the streets in the United States, as they can grow in diverse conditions. The Elm tree grows in hardiness zones 3 to 9, despite elm disease continuing to kill off many of these trees. The Elm tree species can even be found in the Rocky and Appalachian mountains, and also through western land sites throughout the state of California, USA. This type of tree has many usages in agriculture, production of sporting goods, and is used for transport services like boxes and crates. Elm trees are seen to have a green color in the summer and a yellowish-gold color in the fall. There are also Chinese Elms, Siberian Elms, Cork, Rock, and Slippery Elms.