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Alder Shrubs

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Purchase Alder Shrubs from TN Nursery that are usually found at the edge of a body of water

Hazel Alder Tree Information

Smooth alder trees or shrubs are native to North America, and they can often be found growing at the edge of a natural stream of water. The Hazel Alder trees act as stabilizers and restorers along the banks of rivers and streams. Hazel Alder stems are flexible, and their roots have many fibers. Both of those attributes help with stabilization. Also, Hazel Alder tree roots produce nitrogen, so they are well suited to rehabilitate soils. These kinds of trees can grow to be as much as 20 feet tall, and they can be a colorful addition to a landscape. The tree acts as a cover for woodcocks. The birds use the Hazel Alder tree for camouflage.

Alder Shrubs like moist soil

The Hazel Alder tree takes about ten years to become full grown, and it yields hard, dark brown fruit that is inside of cones. The Hazel Alder trees are famous for growing in very moist areas and for their smooth bark. The Hazel Alder usually bloom the most in the spring and produce fruit in the fall. They do not require very much maintenance. If these Hazel Alder trees are planted around the home, they should not be planted too close to the building because of the potential size of the trees A Hazel Alder tree is a beautiful addition to anyone home.

Alder Shrubs are hardy and fast-growing

Black Alder Shrub

Black Alder Shrubs are hardwood, deciduous plants. Black Alder Shrub are fast-growing and can tolerate a variety of soil types. The Black Alder Shrub plant's flowers in the form of catkins and can grow up to approximately 60 feet in height when fully mature. Popular with birds and butterflies, the Black Alder Shrub can be used to create a perfect accompaniment for a butterfly garden, or simply to fill in a landscape and provide shade more quickly than other species of plants.

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