About Us

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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a family owned business that started in 1938. Over the years, we have grown in inventory to over 900 species of trees, perennial, shrubs, wetlands as well as native trees. As we grew from humble beginnings in 1938, we now offer availability from over 3400 acres and numerous grower's inventory. We offer our expertise to our clients. Every success or failure built our family business and that is why so many customer choose us.

We are a  state certified nursery and have the capacity to meet any of our clients’ needs. We already know what it would cost you and the kind of quality you would need. We make it our prerogative to make your purchase as seamless as possible.

What makes us your go-to Garden Center online

For over 40 years we operated on wholesale basis, however we realized some clients just wanted one or two plants. They wanted the nursery in a smaller scale than what we offered. We decided the client knows best and we offered these clients a smaller quantities to meet their needs, homeowners.  Since 1999, we have  offered smaller quantities at a sub-retail price. This is at about 50% less than any other online nurseries.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery also offers shipping services to both retail and wholesale buyers. We know our clients worry about the shipping rates but we have ensured they are affordable for our clients. The other thing we changed about the same time was becoming an online plant nursery. Online shopping has become the trend; it is quicker and easier. We made the provision available for those clients who just wanted to choose from our plant web site, state the quantity and needed the plants delivered. 

Why should you order from our online plant nursery?

Using our web site to get plants online is the best way to get the latest plants from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. We always update our collection and you can easily be the first to plant it on your garden. All you have to do is sit on your laptop or computer, go through our website and select from the variety. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is open 24 hours a day and the plants are shipped to your door step.

The other reasons why we are rated as the best in the market is because:

· We specialize in the unusual and rare plants. We have a wide variety that grows on the vast acres of land we have groomed over the years. We can advise which soil is best for which type of plant. We aim to ensure your garden flourishes as much as our gardens have.

· We have a wide variety; perennials, shade perennials, ferns, shade ferns, sun ferns, vines, flower vines, tree, shrubs, seedlings among other things. We attend trade shows and meet various kind of clientele who inform us and of what their preferences are. We ensure that we avail the type of plants they prefer which has grown our collection massively over the years.

· Impeccable customer service; whether it is offline- in person interaction or online interaction, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery will attend to your needs, answer your queries in good time and make sure you are satisfied with our service. We not only ensure your plants get to you in good condition but we follow up with instruction on how you should go about planting and taking care of the plants.

· We value quality over quantity; different types flourish in different ways depending on the surrounding. It is our job to ensure you get the best quality of the plants as well as other elements to make your garden the envy of the town.

· We are a certified online plant nursery. We have our house in order and we would like the opportunity to put your garden in order. We have been voted the best online plant nursery. We offer our services to the whole United States.

· We offer gift certificates. You can now purchase a gift certificate for any loved one you have who loves to garden. The gift certificate can be in any amount you choose. The process is simple; choose the amount and then complete the purchase on the website.