Wood Fern

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Wood Fern (Buckler Fern)-Thelypteris kunthii Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial-Full Shade Mature Height - 2-5' Mature Width- 8-12" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Wood Fern

Managing and Planting Wood Ferns on Your Own

Wood Fern also knew as Dryopteris erythrosora can be challenging to take care of and grow, but they are a beautiful plant that has originated in Japan. It is a shield fern known for adding shade and producing a pink, copper, and orange color. It also comes in colors such as red and purple. There can be many ferns found in forests, but it is also seen even within the winter month. A Wood Fern can grow up to two feet in height and width wise.

Wood ferns will thrive in damp or moist environments where the soil is organic and has been well-drained.

You can add leaf mold or compost to the ground before you plant a Wood Fern. Some are found in streams or water gardens, as they grow very easily in wet places. There are several different types of wild natural ferns such as an autumn fern, brilliance autumn fern, Dixie wood fern, and golden mist wood fern. All of these numerous ferns give off color while the autumn fern fades to green in the summer or warm areas, and stays a copper-orange during the winter in cold climates. The brilliance fern will stay copper, while a dixie wood fern will remain evergreen in the winter. The golden mist type is very faithful to its name in that its appearance is golden and turns into a deep green color once it fully has matured. A Wood Fern in landscaping is often used to create a pretty atmosphere. This kind of plants grow slowly and contain no insect or disease problems. Wood ferns are also deer resistant and can be found during all of the seasons throughout the year. You can order your collections from garden centers or home improvement stores for gardening at home.

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