Winter Creeper

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Winter Creeper-Euonymus fortunei Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade to Full Sun Mature Height - 6-24" (2-3' shrub)(40-70' Vine) Mature Width- 10' - 20' Bloom Season – no flowers Gardener Status- Beginner

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Winter Creeper makes an Excellent Ground Cover 

Winter Creeper is a trailing evergreen that calls Christmas to mind. The spreading habit of the plant make it an excellent ground cover and great for erosion control. It can also be grown vertically up buildings or along trellises. The glossy green leaves are oval-shaped and brighten the drab days of winter wonderfully. The plant spreads quickly to fill in bare areas and provide a lush blanket of green growth. In fall, the leaves turn a beautiful burgundy or purple color.

The Winter Creeper is a fast grower and gets its name because it can creep along the ground. The roots are shallow and can grasp hold to anything in its path. If this plant gets out of control because it can take over anything in its way they can become invasive and take over other plants. These leaves are small and can only grow to around an inch across. 

Winter Creeper is considered an evergreen shrub.
Winter Creeper will grow fast and will take over an area so it will need to be managed and trained on where it needs to improve. This plant is low-maintenance and easy to grow. The vine will thrive in all light conditions making it an excellent ground cover to provide a cohesive look at your landscaping theme. Small flowers and orange berries add to its year-round interest.

Winter Creeper Vine

If interested in vines for landscaping, the perennial Wintercreeper vine may be suited to your needs. Planting and caring for this evergreen vine is very simple. It is woody and beautiful. There are several varieties of wintercreeper, some which are extreme climbers. Regular pruning is essential to keep the fast growth under control. Some types of vines may excellent ground cover options, adding a thick blanket of green that may thrive where nothing else has survived. From May through July, small yellow flowers can be seen on the vine. Vines may also be used to cover a wall or as a hedge. It is a popular choice for landscapers to add color to stone walls or barriers.

Winter Creeper plants are natural growers and great for beginners.

A variety of soil conditions tolerates even that moist, acidic loam is best. Soil needs to be well draining. During the spring, when the ground is pliable, plants should be placed between 18 inches and 2 feet apart to help prevent overcrowding. Until the roots are well established, plants should be watered thoroughly. Even without supplemental watering, the wintercreeper vine can accept drier conditions as long as the roots grow. This vine makes transplanting easy, and transplanting is usually successful. It doesn’t need lots of attention. Only the occasional pruning is required to prevent overgrowth and to keep the plant from growing out of control. Left untreated with insecticide, it may become fatal for the plant.

Winter Creeper


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