Wild Rice

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Latin Name- Azizania Aquatica Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 3-4ft Sun Or Shade- Partial Shade

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 The Wild Rice is loved by animals because they eat the bounty.

Wild Rice – Zizania palustris. Wild Rice is a grain plant that isn’t rice. The plant is an aquatic grass that produces edible seeds that contain more protein than other grains. Wild Rice is native to parts of Canada, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and is found in the marshy or shallow areas of inland lakes and rivers. The grains typically range from a half inch to three-quarters of an inch and vary slightly from one body of water to another. The tapered leaves float on the surface with stalks that can grow to 10 feet in length.

Wild Rice can be found growing across the country along slow stream banks and small ponds or lakes.

Wild Rice is exceptionally healthy and is high in protein. Wild Rice can grow as high as four feet tall but has to be grown in water where the water is shallow. This grass is a North American version of the white rice that is mass produced in China and other countries. Wild Rice will only grow in water or in extremely wet mud that stays consistently wet. Wild Rice can grow in either full sunlight or partial shade well. Wild Rice has relatively little vitamin and minerals but has plenty of carbohydrates and niacin in it too.

Wild Rice can now be bought in many organic food stores but takes about an hour to cook and is preferably a bland tasting.

Wild Rice is classified as a native grass which is often seen growing around ponds, small lakes, water streams and around water gardens. It is usually eaten by wild animals such as beavers, frogs, fish, and birds. The wild rice takes about 120-170 days to be ready to harvest; you will know the rice is ready to harvest because the stem will start turning black.



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