Wild Lily of the Valley

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Wild Lily of the Valley: Its Meaning and Plant Aspects

Wild Lily of the Valley also known as Convallaria majalis is a plant with dark green leaves and small bell-shaped flowers, which originated in Europe and Asia and has a known sweet scent. The stems of the plant are formed in the summer and grown throughout the spring 15-30 cm tall with leaves as long as 10-25 cm long. The plant has white flowers that can sometimes be pink, and are bell-shaped.

Wild Lily of the Valley can be seen in not harsh winters within the Northern Hemisphere of the earth.

These plants are noticed to be not found in the Mediterranean or Atlantic areas. When it began being located in the Eastern United States is debatable. It is a plant of partial shade, and it prefers warm climates and warm summers. It can live in the mountains to a specified maximum altitude and is considered to be a herbaceous perennial. Wild Lily of the Valley is grown in humus-rich, sandy or silty soil as well as an acidic to the moderately alkaline soil. The more mature plants will reach a height of 23cm and can spread up to 30cm. Their vast coverage allows them to grow beneath other plants like roses, shrubs, or in other areas of a garden.

The Wild Lily of the Valley would be a lovely addition to any landscape.

It is a plant that can live for many years in a cold climate. Wild Lily of the Valley was used in the past as the primary source for green pigments. It is known to symbolize modesty, chastity, and purity and can be seen in wedding ceremonies. It blooms in May and can also be seen as the return of happiness during these times.

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