Walking Fern

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Walking Fern-Asplenium rhizophyllum Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 6-12" Mature Width- 6-9" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Walking Fern is a great addition to any garden or landscape to add a natural look

Walking Fern - Asplenium rhizophyllum. The walking fern is a perennial fern with evergreen leaves. Its most distinctive feature is its narrow, triangular leaves, which have long, pointed ends. When the ends of the leaves touch the ground, the plant can grow new roots. As the fern spreads along the ground, it appears like it's walking. Walking ferns grown between one and six inches in height. They thrive in shady areas and are naturally found deep in the woods. They often grow on moss-covered boulders or rocky hillsides.

As a garden plant, Walking Fern is generally low maintenance and requires a moderate amount of water.

Walking Fern is native to North America. This fern is found in green areas and those with limestone. The walking fern grows up to two feet tall. The Walking Fern produces spores on the underside of its leaves. When the spores from the bottom of the walking fern touch the damp soil beneath the fern, a new fern is produced from the spores that contact the damp Earth. Hence, the name "walking fern" was dubbed upon this plant!This plant has narrow leaves that taper to a point. The spores that the fern produces grow only on the underside of the front of the fern. This is a plant that almost literally moves by itself! It will get right up and walk away from where it was at and leave a trail of similar plants in its path!

The Walking Fern is a unique plant species that few have seen and it can be hard to come across.

This fern has a unique symbiotic type of relationship with the limestone and is found where limestone occurs with the moss. This fern enjoys soil that is moist and not too dry. However, the walking fern does not do well being over watered. This is a plat that doesn't like muddy soil and does prefer soil with more rocks. The leaves of this fern are gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. They have a pretty pointed and narrow front that is just beautiful!

Walking Fern


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