Tussoc Sedge

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Latin Name- Ceratophyllum Demersum Hardy Zone-5-8 Mature Height-1-2ft Width-1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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Tussock Sedge will make a great addition to any landscape

The Tussoc Sedge has unique triangular long stems and likes to grow in clusters. It blooms from May to June typically and produces brownish red flowers. Wild turkeys mainly want the seeds that this sedge produces so don't be surprised if you get a few feathery visitors. It has also been known to attract Cardinals, Junco, squirrels, and Mallards.

The Tussock Sedge does exceptionally well if planted by a pond or lake and it is quite hardy. It can survive drought-like conditions.

The Tussock Sedge makes a lovely addition to any landscape project or garden setting. Almost all sedge can be hard to tell apart due to they all have green triangular stems that can belong. Tussock sedge can usually be found just above or right at the water edge. As the plant sheds, it leaves it to tend to build up into a hill. Flowers are brownish red and blooms usually in May and June. The Mallard and wild Turkey like to feed on the seeds. Mostly enjoyed by the wood duck, cardinal, Junco and squirrels the seeds feed a lot of wildlife. If the water gets too deep for the sedge, it will die, and that makes way for other plants. Ferns can grow in the witness directly.

The Tussoc Sedge is a type of grass.

It has a green color added to it with some tan mixed in. It does it's best in full to partial sun. They are adaptable and love covering forest floors. If you have a lake, pond or stream the Tussock Sedge will make a great addition. Tussock Sedge is classified as a native grass or a wetland plant. This plant is relatively small compared to other native grasses. This native sedge prefers moist to dry conditions and is known for being able to tolerate even hardy droughts. The root system is relatively shallow. The stems and leaves have small hair-like fibers on them. Growing in moist, rocky, sandy, soils are best.

Tussoc Sedge


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