Trumpet Creeper

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Trumpet Creeper- Campsis Radicans

Trumpet Creeper or Campsis Radicans is a luscious flowering plant initially located on the east coast of the United States. Now, it can be found all over America, as well as Latin America and Canada. Despite its odd name, it is one of the more beautiful flowers available to plant, with red or orange petals that form the shape of a trumpet. In nature, it tends to thrive in forests and close to streams, but it is also a common garden plant. Its Latin name comes from "stems that take root." The Trumpet Creeper is lovely to look at with its beautiful, bell-shaped blossoms in fiery red and orange hues and vibrant green, oval-shaped leaves.

As a vine, it can grow up to thirty-three feet- that's a lot of beauty!

This flowering vine grows strong, so even the most beginner of gardeners will be able to achieve a gorgeous Trumpet Creeper in their yard or garden. It thrives in warm weather and spreads rapidly, clinging to whatever it can to grow. It would make a lovely addition to a tree, garden shed, or fence, giving something ordinary a perfect pop of color. Gardeners should be sure to prune them religiously for best results. Another perk of Trumpet Creepers is that hummingbirds love them. If you want to be visited by these pretty, shy birds, all you have to do is plant a Trumpet Creeper, and they will come to feast on its nectar, which will bring even more beauty to your garden. Additionally, Trumpet Creepers adore the sun, so be sure to plant it somewhere that where it will be able to bask in the glow for most of the day. Once your flowering vine is planted, its ruby-colored flower will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Trumpet Creeper