Tree Stump Flower Pot

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Tree Stump Flower Pot is unique

Tree Stump Flower Pot

There are several versions of flower pots for your landscaping needs but one of the most popular types is depicting a tree stump. Some are handmade and some re-machine made out of clay, resin, wood, and plastic. Most are just plain wood grain to appear as oak wood or maple. Many are designed with wildlife and other woodland creatures such as bugs, birds, and some plants are even appearing in the designs. Usual coloring is earth tones to try to match it to the real color of the desired tree. Many offer deep set holes to hold a planter or have drainage holes in place to plant directly into the planter. Diameter and width will also vary but will try to remain true to form. Most are 12" high and 12" around to allow for natural appearance and solid structure. However, they do come in various sizes. Some are painted with weather resistant paint and some are sealed to prevent water and sun damage.

You may want to do it yourself with many options available to you to start the project. You may have a stump in your yard that would be the perfect attraction to any landscaping. Tree Stump Flower Pots are becoming more and more popular and depending on the design and size more and more expensive as well. Most are going to range from $25-100 and will again depend on size and design. Making one yourself is always a less expensive option and makes a great conversation piece. This is also the most common way of having a tree stump planter on display. Creating a hollow space inside the stump and planting directly into it will help keep the stump in its natural coloring. But you must protect it from water damage and that might cause mildew and mold that will cause irreparable damage. Tree Stump Flower Pots are a great way to recycle that old stump on a lawn. Flowers will grow well in old stumps and will add beauty to a lawn or landscape.