Tree Apron Moss

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Anomodon attenuatus is a feathery moss providing a green carpet at the base of trees and rocks. Tree Apron Moss is also known as "poodle moss" because of its dense, almost curly appearing "coat." Like other mosses, Tree Apron Moss likes moisture but

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Tree Apron Moss adds texture to your landscape 

Mosses are little flowerless plants that typically grow in thick green clumps or mats, often in wet or shady locations. Tree moss looks like a beautiful and luxurious green carpeting that covers your lawn and can replace grass, or your ground if you want. The individual plants are commonly formed of simple leaves that are only one cell thick. Though tree moss develops in the damp soil, tree mosses can grow on any solid exterior, and you can decorate on tree bark, rocks, and other dense areas, so gardeners or landscapers have an extensive range of ideas to play with these versatile plants. Moss is an extraordinarily diverse plant, and some mosses grow at an incredibly fast rate of growth, so the plant is not finicky so growing it is relatively straightforward.

Tree Apron Moss is perfect for lawn curb appeal if you want to have something that most of your neighbors are not doing.

There are so many different types so you can have an extensive collection and make your lawn the most impressively exotic garden on your block. Furthermore, tree moss is insanely low-maintenance compared to conventional grass lawns, so upkeep of any tree moss is a breeze. Moss prefers moisture and slightly shaded sunlight. It is ideal for use as ground cover underneath taller growing trees and plants. If you only plant the moss in a sunlight-heavy area, your Moss should still be able to grow well enough.

Tree Apron Moss grows well in place that doesn't get much sun

So even if you live in places where the sun is not always out your lawn will again look enchanting. Moss is ideal for soaking up the water out areas of your yard that tend to overflow in heavy rains. So tree moss is perfect for keeping your lawn safe while preventing any problems you would usually get with flooded spaces, and still look unquestionably beautiful and fluffy. You can have this shipped directly to you, and the moss will arrive at your doorstep in top form.

Tree Apron Moss Ships as Bare Root