Terrarium Moss

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Terrarium Moss-Thuidium Delicatulum Hardy Planting Zones- 1-9 Sun or Shade- Shade Mature Height-varies Mature Width-varies Bloom Season- all year Gardener Status- Beginner

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Terranium Moss grows easily 

Terrarium Moss is a very popular moss. It is effortless to plant and grow indoors. Terrarium Moss is a slow growing moss that is primarily used within aquariums and terrariums to produce a thick carpet of green over almost anything. This moss needs high moisture soil and air, making it perfect for humid terrariums. This moss can grow on land, rock, even wood. Terrarium Moss can be easily maintained. This plant only needs a little moisture every once in a while to keep it green and vibrant. Terrarium moss can also be planted outside but needs full shade and moist soils to grow. Terrarium Moss grows well on loamy, sandy, or clay soils, and even enjoy acidic soils.

Terrarium Moss can be a good container plant.

Terranium moss can be used in containers because it has shallow roots and is a fast grower. Moss grows all around us, often when we don't even realize that it is there. They grow well in slanted hillsides and almost anywhere that it can grasp onto. This moss can grow anywhere that it can find a crack, along walls, walkways or fences. The terrain moss can grow well in rocky soils, sandy soil or anywhere that it can get a little moisture.

Terrarium Moss is a slow grower which makes it a favorite for many.

It can be kept and grown in small planters, and as often as the soil is kept damp, the moss will stay a lovely vibrant green color. This moss does not need any upkeep and requires very little maintenance. This moss is a favorite because it can grow just about anywhere that it is planted. The moss requires low maintenance and can grow both indoors and out. The terrain moss grows well indoors when used in glass bottles or jars and can be sold in large clumps or small containers.


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