Terrarium Garden Kit

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Terrarium Garden Kit

A terrarium Garden Kit is a great way to get kids into gardening. These plants grow well in a terrarium where the temperatures are ideal for them as they also receive the correct amount of moisture to produce. This kit includes everything that is needed to provide a beautiful terrarium for any home or office.

If a backyard or outdoor garden is not possible in your home or you don’t have the time for maintenance, a terrarium garden is a great alternative. They are small and very easy to take care of, no need for a green thumb. The items you will need for this are a container, plants, gravel or rocks for drainage, coir bricks, and a fiberglass screen.

When choosing your Terrarium Garden Kit, remember that enclosed containers will be much more humid while open ones will be perfect for succulent or cactus gardens.

Open containers can also work for other plants that prefer less humidity. You’ll want to glass to be very clear and smooth to provide the best viewing of your plants.
Before any plants are chosen, figure out where you will want your terrarium garden and analyze the light access there. Buy Terrarium Garden Kit that will thrive most in this lighting. After considering the light options, make sure to choose plants that will grow very slowly or remain small, since they will live their lives in a small container. Also buy plants that are pest-free, because small pests will find a way to get in there.
Now you can put in gravel or rocks in the container to improve drainage. Avoid any materials that might impact the pH levels in the soil.

After the gravel is evenly distributed, cut a small fiberglass screen to cover all of the gravel, so the soil doesn’t fall into it. Terrarium Garden Kit works well because it doesn’t rust. 

Soak a coir brick for a bit until it starts expanding, then begin to break it apart and place it on top of the screen. 2 or 3 inches of the coir usually suffices. Once this is all in place, you can start to work on a plant arrangement. To plant, trim any super long roots and make sure any residual dirt is cleaned off of them. Delicately plant them inside the terrarium once this is completed.
After all of these steps are completed, the terrarium will require minimal effort to maintain. Occasionally water the plants and trim them and all should be well!

Terrarium Garden Kit