Sweet Flag

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Latin Name- Acourus Americanuis Hardy Zone- 3-10 Mature Height- 4ft Width- 1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Sweet Flag

Sweet flag (Acorus calamus) is deciduous that thrives in boggy conditions or in gardens that are kept consistently moist. It can tolerate consistently having its rhizomes submerged in up to nine inches of water. It prefers slow moving water but will tolerate standing water. It can even be grown in containers that are kept full of water. The rhizomes produce numerous brown rootlets.

Sweet Flag makes a beautiful addition to water gardens or used as borders.

This plant produces rhizomes that are surrounded by the plant's leaves that have one wavy side. Leaves often grow up to 30 inches long while some report that these yellow-green leaves grow over three feet long. Basal leaves are smooth along the edges, and they are shaped like a sword. Many leaves have an off-centered indication along their entire length. The sides of the sweet flag plant may have a reddish tint.

Some leaves produce a cylindrical spadix that is covered in diamond-shaped green flowers with a slight yellow tint in late spring and early summer. This plant blooms for only about a month, and the big leaves often camouflage the flowers making them hard to see. Each flower consists of six tepals and six stamens. After the flowers fade, it produces red small red berries that are also almost entirely camouflaged. Sweet Flag is in a family all by itself.

Sweet Flag is grown for its many qualities such as their textured foliage.

 It is a Perennial plant, and it offers a lovely, fresh fragrance. It is perfect to grow in containers and is low maintenance. If you have any issues with deer Sweet Flag is deer resistant and makes an excellent groundcover. It is known to have many beneficial qualities and has been known to help with heartburn when appropriately used. Vapors from the roots can even repel certain insects.


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Sweet Flag