Sweet Betsy Trillium

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Sweet Betsy Trillium-Trillium cuneatum Hardy Planting Zones- 5-8 Sun or Shade – Full to Partial Shade Mature Height - 12-18" Mature Width- 6-12" Bloom Season – Spring (April-May) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Sweet Betsy Trillium- Trillium Cuneatum

Sweet Betsy, also known as Trillium Cuneatum, is named for its alluring and unique banana scented flower. With a lovely purple, green, and yellow, this flower will make an impression on any spring garden. Trillium Cuneatum is a perennial plant meaning it grows for over two years. This lovely flower is an excellent investment for a long-term garden and will continue to bloom year after year. The Sweet Betsy grows from April to May and will grow in quite rich soils, most particularly limestone. This gorgeous plant is native to the Southeastern United States, including Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina. However, it is also successfully grown further North as well in full sun or part sunny conditions.

The Sweet Betsy Trillium, or sometimes called “little” Sweet Betsy plant takes two to five years to reach total growth and grows anywhere from 15-45 centimeters, or .5-1.5 feet tall.

The life cycle lasts approximately six to eight weeks and is best planted in late winter or early spring before the trees leaf out. The anatomy of the Sweet Betsy is unique in that it has three-parted flowers and is a simple above ground flower. Also, something else that makes this plant unlike others is the fact that the stem is just an extension of the leaves itself.

Sweet Betsy Trillium simplicity mixed with its uniqueness makes it a great delight to see in the springtime amongst fields of other spring perennials.

Other common nicknames for the Sweet Betsy Trillium are whip-poor-will flower, large toadshade, purple toadshade, and bloody butcher. This is because the flowers are commonly grown side by side in clumps, making for a combination of purple, green, and yellow additions to your garden. The Sweet Betsy is a spectacular sight in full bloom and an essential spring plant.

Sweet Betsy Trillium