Spreading Phlox Plant

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Spreading Phlox - Phlox Diffusa Hardy Planting Zones - 3-9 Sun or Shade - Full Sun Mature Height - 4-6" Mature Width - 24"

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Spreading Phlox is an excellent addition to flower gardens, butterfly gardens, and rock gardens

Spreading Phlox Plant produces flowers in mid to late spring. Its small flowers are fragrant and clustered together. You will find many different flower color varieties of spreading phlox available. The flower colors of spreading phlox include the favorite pink variety, red, rose, blue, purple and lavender. A variegated variety of spreading phlox is also available. It has needle-like green foliage that can remain green year round.

Spreading Phlox Plant makes a great edge plant when planted at the edges of flower beds.

You can also plant spreading phlox between stepping stones. Spreading phlox can also be planted on slopes to add color and foliage to the uneven terrain in your garden or backyard. Phlox Paniculata is an excellent groundcover. One of the most attractive plants that you will find is the Phlox Paniculata. This particular plant is one that grows flowers as well as leaves. The leaves are green but have light purple, or pink flowers grow on top of them. Therefore this plant is one that will make any yard or garden look great. It has green leaves that along with flowers on top of them.

Spreading Phlox Plant flowers are very appealing and will, therefore, allow this plant to stand out.

This plant will thrive in areas that have quality soil and rainfall. It makes an excellent plant for landscaping as it can provide you with a set of flowers to help your yard or garden appeal to others. The phlox can come in all different colors pink, blue, white and purple to name a few. The phlox is a favorite among homeowners. Phlox Paniculata can be seen growing in the eastern part of North America. It can be seen growing from Maine to the Carolinas down to the Florida panhandle. The Phlox has small dark green leaves with bright purple blooms. The Phlox made for an excellent groundcover when planted and grown in water gardens, rock gardens. The Phlox is known for its rapidly growing abilities and shallow root system.

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