Soft Stem Bulrush

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Latin Name-Schoenoplectus acutus Hardy Zone- 5-11 Mature Height- 4ft Width-3-6ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Soft Stem Bulrush is a tall perennial plant meaning this plants comes back every year without having to replant.

Softstem Bulrush grows up to 10 feet tall and lives in wet, swamp-like conditions and can be planted up to 12 inches deep in water. This plant prefers full sunlight but is tolerant to very light shade. Softstem Bulrush produces brown flowers at the top of the stem and will bloom between the months of May and September. Softstem Bulrush is a very low maintenance plant. In fact, if left undisturbed in optimal conditions, this plant has the potential to colonize very quickly. The Softstem Bulrush is a fantastic choice for a pond or lake.

Softstem Bulrush prefers water. Softstem Bulrush plants are excellent and will love being planted around water sources.

Softstem Bulrush can grow in moist and various soil conditions. Softstem Bulrush is a superb grass to add to help with soil erosion. The Softstem Bulrush can also be adorned on planter shelves by placing them into flower pots with aquatic planting soil. Softstem Bulrush plants, a type of Sedge family, add a unique vertical appeal to your planetarium. The Softstem Bulrush flowers will naturally pollinate through the Fall, and will then bloom between June and July.

Softstem Bulrush is excellent for water gardens.

There are many different types of Bulrush grasses. These plants are found in and around water; they grow the best in shallow water and very moist soils. The stem on the Bulrush plants are round, light gray-green and usually has no leaves. Flowers that bloom on these plants appears right below the tip of the stem. When these plants are grown in ponds and lakes the submerged parts provide habitats for tiny invertebrates, in turn providing food for any fish that are in the waters.

Soft Stem Bulrush


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