Smooth Cordgrass

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Latin Name-Spartina Alterniflora Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 12inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Smooth Cordgrass is a long-lived perennial grass that features flat and blade-like leaves.

 The leaves taper to a point, and it produces tiny white flowers that bloom in July to September. Smooth Cordgrass has hollow and round stems as well as an interconnected root system. In the Autumn, it produces flowers that mature into foot-long seed spikes. Smooth Cordgrass is an excellent choice when you are trying to control erosion. Smooth Cordgrass is also known as Saltmarsh Cordgrass.

Smooth Cordgrass makes a lovely addition to your garden and adds a different and unexpected type of dimension.

In the Autumn, its flowers mature into foot-long seed spikes. It has broad leaves at the base that sharply taper with bending tips. It does produce blooms and seeds but only on one side of the stalk. Flowers are yellowish green, and they turn brownish in the winter. Snow Geese feed on the roots of the cordgrass.

The smooth cordgrass is flat and smooth; they have no hairs or spikes on them as other grasses do. They can regrow by the seeds blowing and flying away or animals carrying them off. To control the growth of this plant, you will need to grow it occasionally for the next few years. It can grow well around anywhere that has water so that the roots can stay wet. Many will even use this plant as erosion control.

Smooth cordgrass is a native grass that can be grown around ponds, lakes, riverbeds, water gardens or other places that have a lot of water.

The roots are shallow and need moist soil or water to reach its maturity. The smooth cordgrass is green in the spring and summer and turns brown in the fall and winter months. The dead leaves can be pruned off or left alone for re-growth the next year. Smooth cordgrass would be a lovely addition to any landscape.

Smooth Cordgrass



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