Shooting Star Plant

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Shooting Star- Dodecatheon Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade – Half Sun and Half Shade, Full Shade Mature Height - 10-12" Mature Width- 10-12" Bloom Season – Late Spring to Early Summer Gardener Status- Beginner

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Shooting Star Plant are very magical looking and are just gorgeous when they are in bloom.

They will offer a very unusual bloom, and they will be beautiful and stunning and have everyone talking about them that sees them. These flowers will grow to be around eight to twenty-four inches tall and also eight to twelve inches wide. They will grow to full maturity within the first year after they grow. These flowers will produce gorgeous blooms during the late spring months, and they will appear in white or a vivid color of pink. They will have the appearance of a start that is shooting across the sky, and they will look at the ends of the stems. These perennials will be very easy to care for and to maintain in a garden area. These wildflowers will look great when planted with other types and also different color variations. They will be great because they will even grow back year after year once they are planted and grow to become healthy. When they do produce those spectacular blooms, they will typically last for around a month and be stunning. These flowers will look fantastic especially when planted with Lily of the Valley, Larkspur and also some Fleabane Daisies. They will add a wide variety of colors to a garden, natural area or other areas of a lawn where they grow. When these flowers are in bloom, it will make a yard stand out and will be gorgeous. Also adding Whirling Butterfly perennials into a garden with the beautiful shooting star is an excellent choice. These plants will have blooms that look a lot like butterflies when they are blooming. There are a lot of wildflower and perennials that can be paired up with this plant that will look fabulous together.

One can have an imagination take over and create a beautiful and stunning masterpiece for a lawn.

 Shooting Star will make a great addition to a garden and will be great for natural areas. This flower will be beautiful when in bloom with its bright pink and purple blossoms. Shooting Star is a member of the Primulaceae family and is also seen a lot growing in Central and Eastern part of the United States. Shooting Star will also add beauty when added to a rock garden.

 Shooting Star is a perennial plant native to North America and some sections of Siberia. The shooting Star Plant needs a particular type of pollinating to produce seeds to help it reproduce. This is called buzz pollination and happens when bees pollinate through beating their wings which releases the pollen into the air to land on nearby flowers. These plants are also dormant in the summer and winter months and blooms in the fall and spring. This plant even doesn’t bloom until it is two or three years old. Shooting star’s base leaves can be six inches long.

Shooting Star Plant will make an excellent plant for a garden during the spring months.

It will usually bloom during May and will become dormant after that. This plant will give gorgeous purple and pink flowers to enjoy. He shooting start gets its name because the blooms look like a shooting star.


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