Service Berry

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Latin Name- Amelanchier Selection Hardy Planting Zone- 2-9 Mature Height- 6-25 ft Width- 4-20 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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 Service Berry is used as an Ornamental Plant.

This shrub will make a great ornamental shrub for gardens and lawns. This shrub can grow to be around 25 feet tall and can also be approximately 20 to 25 feet wide. Service Berry will grow great in full sunlight and can adjust great to various soil conditions. Service Berry is also known as Amelanchier Alnifolia by the scientific name.

In the fall, the leaves of the Service Berry turn vibrant red and gold making it a delightful addition for autumn foliage.

The fruit grown on this plant will attract a wide variety of songbirds and even some small mammals to your yard, making it an excellent choice for wildlife enthusiasts. Service Berry trees can be grown singly or in bunches to beautify your property. The leaves are simple, about 3 inches long, and closely resemble those of apple trees. The tree can have a single or multiple trunks depending on pruning and preference. The bark is attractive in winter and the fruit grown is edible to humans and wildlife. This tree is versatile and reasonably hardy making it an excellent addition to your landscape. Though it requires some pruning, this is minimal, and overall the tree is easy to care for. Service Berry Trees are shipped in a bare root state that ensures the best quality and ease of planting.

This shrub grows to be up to 20 to 25 feet tall and can also be 20 to 25 feet wide. It will look gorgeous as it grows in gardens and other areas. It will prefer to be planted in an area that will receive full sunlight all throughout the day. This shrub will bloom in the spring and will have lovely flowers that will brighten all gardens. It will also provide gorgeous berries that the birds and other small animals will love to feast on. These shrubs are ideal for homeowners because they can be pruned and trimmed to meet specific heights and can be kept to be a certain size.

The Service Berry Tree offers different interests in all seasons.

Spring it will bring gorgeous white flowers. The leaves are bright bluish green and are stunning. In Fall the leaves become red and orange. In Winter the silver bark is eye-catching. When deciding to landscape, this can be a perfect choice, especially for all the color changes. They grow alongside the house, in front, and also in a small or big backyard. They are very easy to work with and no worries of having to keep up with. People passing your home will love to see all these beautiful colors the tree has to offer.

Serviceberry is also known as Amelanchier Alnifolia. Hardy planting zones are 2-9. The growth rate is 2 to 3 feet per year. The Serviceberry is a fast growing shrub and will thrive in a variety of soil types. This bush looks terrific in gardens and natural areas. It will add life and bring beauty to an area where it is planted. This shrub will bring enormous curb appeal to all properties and lawns.

Serviceberry is most often used as an accent for a garden.
It will provide terrific shade for either you or plants that may require more tone than others as it will grow very well in full sunlight. Their flowers appear in early spring, and it bears fruits which start from red and then black when into ripening.

Service Berry