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Saw Grass

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8, 9, 10, 11,

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Saw Grass

Saw Grass- Cladium mariscus subspecies jamaicense. Sawgrass is classified as a large sedge and is characterized by it's long, narrow greenish-grey leaves that often are lanced with sharp margins, sometimes serrated like a saw, and grow in lengths of over 3 feet tall on average. Species produce a multi-branched inflorescence that produces some spikelets. These species of plants are found in tropical temperatures, including the Florida Everglades where they are found naturally along the shoreline creating thick, dense canopies, formed by the deep-rooted rhizomes that produce their tall shoots.

Saw Grass thrives in watery areas, but can also grow on dry land.

However, it is not. It is a sedge of brackish and fresh marshes. Its leaves are thin and sharp. On the margin of the leaves, it has saw-like teeth hence the driving of the name sawgrass. This plant is typical in wetlands, and it makes a lovely addition to Water Lake and ponds. The plant primarily grows in brackish water wetlands as well as shallow freshwater marshes.Sawgrass grows well in marl soils and organic soils at times in rock areas with small solutions in holes. It is, therefore, ideal for areas where the moist ground is not a problem and when it germinates, it grows to an attractive grassy appearance.

When Saw Grass starts to grow, it becomes in handy and makes the areas where they grow look great and fantastic.

Saw Grass takes an average of 6 months to germinate and mature to the ideal size. However, when exposed to an additional mixture of nutrients, it takes less time and grows into bigger sizes than the standard process. Cladium jamaicense or Everglades sawgrass marshes are however not ideal for places with dry, humid conditions since it falls into the vascular category of plants. Wild animals do not use this plant for food, but the seeds make great meals for the bird. Additionally, bears and feral hogs eat their starchy roots. It also makes an excellent outdoor décor for homes that are in wetlands due to its grassy appearance. The sawgrass can even be grown in pots to attain the required temperatures for germination. It also responds well to increased numbers of nutrients plus fertilization. Any outdoor that is decorated with this fantastic looks of sawgrass or commonly known as the Cladium jamaicense is lovely.


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Saw Grass




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