Rock Cap Moss

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Rock Cap Moss-Dicranum polysetum Hardy Planting Zones- 1-10 Sun or Shade – Shade Mature Height - 2-5" Mature Width- groundcover Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Rock Cap Moss is a bright and beautiful plant that requires less or no soil to grow.

Rock Cap Moss - Dicranum poly setup. Rock Cap Moss is a nonflowering perennial plant that is found in the wild growing in damp areas that receive little sunlight. These include boulders and other rocks found in tree-lined lake shores and river banks. When placed in a garden setting, it will grow on planters, stone, brick or anything else it can cling to. Rock Cap Moss is small with a medium to dark green coloring. It grows in dense clumps that resemble patches of green fur. Rock Cap Moss is a unique type of moss in that it does not require any soil to grow. The small roots on the underside allow the moss to grow in a variety of places with ease. It is very simple to transplant into areas of shade making it a great plant for beginning gardeners to deal with. Though the plant prefers to grow in the shade, it can tolerate a moderate amount of sun as long as it is receiving enough moisture.

Rock Cap Moss is a particularly resilient plant, able to tolerate bouts of both cold weather and drought conditions.

The plant goes dormant to survive and sprouts back to life when conditions again become ideal. Gardners find this the perfect plant to cover shady areas of exposed soil where grass has a difficult time thriving. The best way to transplant Rock Cap Moss is to crumble it apart before placement. This technique makes it easier for the plant to spread across surfaces and establish itself. Never plant Rock Cap Moss in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure, even with adequate amounts of moisture, will cause the plant to yellow.

Rock Cap Moss can grow just about anywhere as long as it receives constant maintenance when grown in less than ideal environments.

It got this name because of growing on top of rocks. Cap is available on top of other plants, walkways and brick walls. The top part of Moss plant is bright green while the bottom is slightly flat green in appearance. Cap has small roots in the underparts. Rock cap requires moisture and air nutrients to grow. It can grow in a medium sun as long as there is enough moisture. However, the shade is good for its health. When purchasing Rock Cap Moss, one gives a full cluster of this plant. Adequate moisture should is essential for the growth of Cap small parts or clumps. Clients make small portions of Cap Moss crop out of the big one. These pieces are quick to grow, and a lot of moisture is essential for such operations. Planting of this plant should take place when the temperatures are stable lest it will fluctuate excessively. Once Cap Moss is on the rocks or walls, all it needs is adequate moisture for it to grow well. The beauty of Red Cap Moss is to create a green carpet where grass cannot grow. The exposed soil in shady areas needs such a crop for covering. Cap feels the gap effectively. Rock Cap moss is common in Japanese Rock garden designs. This plant is important in Japanese culture. Cap creates a beautiful spiritual environment when highly designed during plantation. So far, so many people apart from Japanese have the urge of purchasing this crop to beautify their homes. The prices of Red Cap Moss range differently due to the size of the clumps. In the most online market, shipping is available for clients according to the orders placed. A Protective Mesh Netting is essential for protection during shipping. Red Cap Moss plant is just amazing and naturally beautiful.

Rock Cap Moss




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