Riverbank Wild Rye Grass

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ELYMUS RIPARIUS USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 9 Height: up to 4.5ft Sun: Full sun
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Riverbank Wild Rye Grass

Riverbank Wild Rye Grass - Elymus Riparius. As expected because of its name, the perennial Riverbank Wild Rye can be found near rivers, lakes, and streams as well as woodland wetlands. This bunchgrass is shade tolerant and grows best in spring and fall when soil temperatures are cooler. They bloom from June to August with bloom colors of yellow and green. At their maturity, they are around 3-5 feet tall, the tallest of the wild ryes. Many birds are attracted to the large seeds produced by the tree. The seed head has a beautiful arch which makes this bunchgrass very popular for ornamental uses.

It has good seedling vigor and some shade tolerance. Riverbank Wild Rye will bloom between June and August. Riverbank Wild Rye's active growth period is in spring and summer with a slow regrowth after harvest. The color of this plant is green, and it can grow well in wet, moist, clay soil. The bloom time for this plant in April to July. Riverbank Wild Rye has a small leaf width of up to 5-25 mm. This plant is a smooth leaf and has no hairs visible. This plant can grow well in many conditions. This Wild Rye is loved by many wildlife creatures, and they thrive on its seed. Growing along areas that contain a lot of water makes the best home for this plant. Riverbank Wild Ryes can be classified as both a wetland plant and a perennial. This plant needs very moist soil to thrive at its best. The most active time for this plant to grow is in the spring and summer months. This plant can add a lot of accent and décor around your pond, lake or water garden. This plant can grow well in peat soil as long as the roots are kept wet and moist.


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