Ressurection Fern

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Ressurection Fern- Pleopeltis polypodioide

Ressurection Fern is an evergreen triangular shape plant that grows from around 4” to 12” long. Each Leaf (fronds) at maturity has about 18 to 32 rectangular shape projections on both sides of the narrow bonelike stem. The stem measure about 2/16” of an inch in circumference at the thickest part and less than 1/16” at the tip. These projections on the fronds measure an average of 5 cm long by 1cm wide. Like the word suggest “resurrect” The resurrection fern behaves in the same manner by appearing to be dead when it needs water. Therefore, it curls up and looks grey and lifeless; However, when it is watered it comes back to life within 24 hours by unfolding and displaying it apple green crispy color. It is a very low maintenance plant that grows on rocks and other tree barks in a hardiness zone between 6 and 11. Because of its natural ability to survive long drought the resurrection fern can be left without water for many weeks and months and be revived when it is watered. So, you can leave it unmanned and not worry about its care when you go for extended vacations and holidays. It is mainly referred to as an air plant because Ressurection Fern does not need soil, to grow. The resurrection fern gets its nutrients through its leave during in the process of photosynthesis and from the outside of tree barks where they grow. The back of the resurrection fern frond has the spores that are released into the air to nearby and far away trees to grow. Resurrection fern is usually used in landscaping where there are large trees to plant them on, especially on oak and Pecan trees. Although the resurrection fern is mostly an outdoor plant, it can grow on just about every tree with thick bark. To get the resurrection fern on your landscape, all you need is a few fonds that you can insert in the crack or opening on the bark of an oak tree, and you are ready to enjoy this beautiful plant.

Ressurection Fern

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